About This Blog


Welcome to my Blog!

I have created this blog to supplement my Evidence-Based Methods in Public Health and Public Health Data Analysis courses I teach to graduate (MPH) students at UNC Charlotte.

I use Stata statistical software package quite extensively during teaching. Learning how to use a new statistical software is like learning a new language, and for some students, it is quite overwhelming.

Of the three most popular statistical software packages (Stata, SAS, and SPSS) widely used in Programs and Schools of Public Health, Stata is the only one that does not require annual renewal, at least for now. R is another statistical software that is gaining popularity due to its powerful graphics and free availability.

As time permits, I will add materials related to other courses and using other types of statistical software on this website. For now, I will post mostly on how to analyze different types of data using Stata.

Dr. Ahmed Arif, Ph.D.

P.S. Some of you might be wondering why use the domain name “epiinfo,” which is the name of a freely available statistical software, to teach about Stata! Well, I reserved the domain name several years ago, and since I have it available, I decided to put it to use.